Getting Started with PaperCut

The goal of PaperCut is to centralize printing in our district, improve printer deployment and to save resources and the environment.

So What Is PaperCut? 

It's an application that is installed on your chromebook or macbook which automatically installs and manages printers on your device. PaperCut also allows users to securely release print jobs.  Users can print to the Ricoh-FindMe print queue . Items printed to the Ricoh-FindMe queue are accessible from any multi-function printer (Ricoh) in our district. 

How Does This Affect Me?

The PaperCut application will automatically launch on user’s devices on startup. Occasionally users will need to sign in with their google account. Then users can print as they normally would while PaperCut runs in the background.
When using a MF device (Ricoh), users will have to swipe their access card. Then they can release prints from the queue, copy like normal or scan straight to their email or Google Drive. 
Day to day printing/copying/scanning will remain relatively the same. Printing at home will be un-changed and home printers can still be added to your device.

Video Tutorials:

  1. Introduction to PaperCut
  2. Macbook Users
  3. Chromebook Users
  4. Associating Swipe Access (FOB)
  5. Using a Ricoh with PaperCut

Getting Started with PaperCut whitepaper