Leaving the District

Information for educators and students leaving the district:

Graduating seniors will have access to Google accounts until Jan 1.

Retiring educators will have access Google accounts until July 1

  • All district-issued technology must be returned to Technology Department. Any personal files left on your device will be erased when your computer is wiped and/or re-imaged.
  • Educators should work with their teams to transfer ownership of important shared files or upload to a shared drive.

How to copy content from your school account to another account - educators and students can copy and transfer files to another Google Account (personal). This process lets you keep important files when you graduate, switch schools, or leave for another reason.  Here are some options:

Option 1 - Google Transfer can copy the contents of the your (1) "My Drive"  folder and (2) emails (not recommended) to a personal GMail account.  You will need to prepare your LPS account accordingly depending on the storage quota of your personal Gmail account. Educators must ensure that student data is NOT transferred into personal accounts.You may need to delete unwanted information in order to transfer the data that you want to keep. Go to Google Transfer.

  • Storage Space:Your LPS account has had unlimited storage, but your personal Google account will be limited to 15GB of free storage. You should check the amount of storage in your LPS account before beginning the transfer process. You may need to delete some files in order to complete the transfer. 
  • Gmail: It is not recommended to use google transfer to copy email because "ALL MAIL" will be copied into personal account.
  • Google Drive: All the files from your LPS Google Drive folder (My Drive) will be copied into a new folder in your personal Google account. The ownership of the files in your LPS account will not change, but you will become the owner of all of the files that are copied to your personal Google account. The files in your  "Shared With Me" folder will NOT be copied unless you have  “Added To Drive”. Revision History on Google Docs is not copied .

Option 2Google Takeout allows you to select specifc data and download an archive zip file. Google Takeout creates an archive (zip file) of the data you select in your Google Drive, your Gmail account, your Google Contacts, etc. It is strongly recommeneded to unselect all services and only select the service you want to export.  You can select specific folders (GDrive) and/or specifc labels (GMail).  Educators must ensure student data is NOT transferred into personal accounts.  Go to Google Takeout 

Other Options - For other options and more information, visit Google Help : Copy content from your school account to another account