Food Services

Leah Botko
Food Service Director

The USDA Has Approved Free Meals For All

Beginning on the first day of school, ALL MEALS served (breakfast, lunch, and grab and go) will be FREE for ALL students until June 30, 2021.


Please be aware that due to national food shortages, increased lead times from vendors, and drastic price increases, our menu is subject to change based on product availability. Additionally, our distributors are experiencing labor and driver shortages which is resulting in delayed or rescheduled deliveries.

Our team will make every effort to keep the advertised menu up to date, but substitutions and variations may happen. We will try our best to make a comparable substitution when available.
Feeding our students fresh, healthy, and fulfilling meals is our top priority. We will continue to have free breakfast and lunches throughout the remainder of the school year.

Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your continued support!

Meal Prices:

Student Breakfast (LMS & RSS Only) $1.50
Student Reduced Breakfast (LMS &RSS Only) $0.30
Student Lunch: $2.85
Student Reduced Lunch: $0.40
Milk: $0.60
Adult:  $3.95


Parents, prepaying for school lunch (full price $2.85, reduced price $0.40) is now easier than ever!  Just click the link above, set up an account (free) and add your Student(s).  You will need an ID number for each student added to your account.  If you don't have the student ID you will be prompted to send an email requesting the ID number. There is a transaction fee of $2.49, which we will refund to you in the form of a "Bonus" or free meal.  The bonus meal is applied for each ten meals prepaid on line.  Please note that if you are prepaying for multiple children in the same transaction you will only be charged one transaction fee. In addition to making payments you can monitor  transactions and receive email reminders when your account needs to be replenished.  For those parents that choose not to pay on line signing up still provides the ability to look at transactions and check on current balance, all for free!