Job Postings 2024-2025

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  • Littleton High School Chemistry/Physics Teacher - Schoolspring job#4646856

  • Littleton High School/Special Education Teacher - Schoolspring job#4686814
  • Shaker Lane Elementary School/K2 Special Education Teacher - Schoolspring job#4690733
  • Littleton Public Schools Extended Day Program Group Leader Staff 

    POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Ability to lead an after school group ages Kindergarten through 5th Grade at Tigers' Den Extended Day Program. Have excellent organizational and communication skills. Exemplify genuine enthusiasm and excitement about working with children. 
    JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervise and ensure the safety and well-being of the children at all times. Interact with children in a positive and appropriate manner. Be alert to the needs of individual children and groups of children. Follow all program policies and consistently enforce them.  Maintain open communication and positive working relationships with co-workers and supervisors. Attend staff meetings, planning sessions, and evaluations. Help to keep program rooms clean, safe, neat and well organized. Keep all storage areas, including assigned personal space, neat, clean and orderly.   Make recommendations for supplies as needed.   Arrive on time and prepared each day. Other duties as assigned.
    REQUIREMENTS: Work school calendar, including Early Release days, flexible schedule. BA and previous experience working with children grades K to 6 is preferred. 
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    Position Type:Part-time



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