Littleton Athletic Booster Association (LABA)

Board Members

Tommy Proulx - President
Jen Foote - Treasurer
Demetra Taylor - Clerk
Laurie Shufrin - Executive Vice President
Alicia MacDonald - Administrative Vice President and Social Media
Arnaz Rustomji - Membership
Cathy Olson - Sponsorship
Nancy Morrison - Concessions
Christine Cole - Merchandise
Mike Lynn - Director
Allison Landfors - Director
Kara Smith - Director
Daryl Smith - Director
Ivy Sanders - Director

Purpose and Function

A Booster Club is defined as an organization that is formed to help support the efforts of a sports team or organization. Support is shown in many ways including volunteering time, raising money, and contributing funds to better enhance the team or organization's performance. Our Booster Club (LABA) plays a key role in supporting Littleton Athletics in many ways, and we are very thankful for their positive contributions to our athletic program.

Fundraising Guidelines

Littleton Athletic Booster Association is a registered non-profit organization whose main purpose is to raise money for Littleton Athletics through fundraising activities. All sports teams are encouraged to participate in fundraising for their program. All money raised by individual teams will directly benefit that program.

The following general guidelines have been established by LABA for all fundraising accounts maintained by LABA:

Any and all money raised must be given to the Treasurer of LABA to deposit into your account.

If money is needed, please contact the Treasurer and he/she will issue you a check. If a purchase is made and reimbursement is required, you must submit a receipt.

You cannot spend more money than you have. If a purchase is being sought and extra funds are needed, you must first speak with the Athletic Director for approval. He/she will then bring the request to the LABA board.

Please be sure all checks are made payable to LABA.

Raffle Guidelines

Obtain a copy of the LABA raffle permit from the Treasurer to have available when selling tickets.

Maintain a list of all donated prizes for raffles and be sure to include who donated the item. Give a copy of this list to the Treasurer after the raffle. Keep all receipts (and give to Treasurer) of any expenses for the raffle (including cost of prizes).

MOST IMPORTANT: Keep a list of all winners. Include their name, address or phone number, and item they won or amount they won. Ideally, keep the winning ticket with their name and address or phone number. Give the list and the winning tickets to the Treasurer after the raffle. This list is only used to submit with the renewal for the permit each year.

Provide the Treasurer with all proceeds from the raffle so it may can be deposited in your team's account. If there is a need to pay anyone any costs associated with the raffle, it is recommended to have the Treasurer write a check rather than pay from the cash of the raffle proceeds. In the event that you do need to pay an individual from cash of the raffle proceeds, then be sure to keep all receipts.

Expect a minimum of 5% of the raffle gross receipts to be paid to the Mass State Lottery Commission as required by state law.