AP Exams

Exam dates listed below. 

Course day date time
Physics C: Mechanics Mon. May 4 11:45am

Calculus AB

Tues. May 5 7:45 am

English Literature and Composition

Wed. May 6 7:45am
Chemistry Thurs. May 7 7:45am
U.S. History Fri. May 8 7:45am
Art History Fri. May 8 11:45am
Computer Science A Fri. May 8 11:45am
2-D Art and Design Fri. May 8 Submission by 2:00 PM


Fri. May 8 Submission by 2:00 PM


Mon. May 11 7:45am

Environmental Science   

Mon. May 11 11:45am

Spanish Language and Culture

Tues. May 12 7:45am


Tue. May 12 11:45am

English Language and Composition

Wed. May 13 7:45am


Wed. May 13 11:45am
Macroeconomics Thurs. May 14 11:45am

Computer Science Principles

Fri. May 15 


French Language and Culture  Fri. May 15 7:45am
Statistics Fri. May 15 11:45am