Fun Activities to Do at Home

Challenge your Family to:

Learn the Cotton Eyed Joe - watch Miss Drinkwater's demonstration and then teach the whole family

A Clean Up Your Room Race - see who finishes first.

A Scavenger Hunt - make up a list of ten items that can be found inside the house: an old magazine, a white sneaker, a bag of cookies, etc. Then make a list of ten items that can be found in your yard!  Have fun!

Learn 3 New Yoga Poses


Make a Sock Puppet and then put on a puppet show -  Ask for an old sock from your parents or one of your own! You can decorate with anything you have around the house. Glue buttons, felt, paper, fabric, or yarn for eyes, ears, mouth. Make a collar or even hair or a hat. You can even color with a marker.

Make Colored Ice Cubes for Painting - use food coloring to make paint. Work fast while they melt in your hands! Check out the instructions on the link.

Make a Comfort Poster - fill it with pictures of things that make you feel happy.  (Check out Ms Germain's sample.)

Fun Creations to Make with Household Ingredients - check out these great ideas from Mrs. J.

For More Ideas, go to our google classroom called TD at Home 2020. Log into your school google account, go to google classroom and enter the code: nlom3ex

Only accessible using school google accounts.