Health Services

Health services provided by nurses in the Littleton Public Schools provides individualized, evidence-based student-centered nursing care for every child. Each building is staffed with a full time nurse who follows the key principles of standards of practice as identified by the National Association of School Nurses which includes care coordination, leadership, quality improvement, and community/public health.

Please contact the nurse at your child's school if you have any health questions or concerns. 

District Nurses

Mary Philpot, RN
Shaker Lane School
Phone: 978-486-3959  Ext. 1

Nicole Barry, RN   
Russell Street School 
Phone: 978-540-2575

Kathy McCarthy, RN, Lead Nurse
Littleton Middle School
Phone: 978-486-8938 Ext. 4

Christine Porell, RN
Littleton High School
Phone: 978-952-2555 Ext. 1111