Clinical Services

The Littleton Public Schools clinical team supports students socially and emotionally in order to develop, improve and maintain their social, emotional, mental health status, behavioral skills and insight regarding emotional well-being and success in the school setting. This may include using cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, self-reflection, mindfulness and relaxation skill-building, behavioral management, and/or other psychotherapeutic techniques. Primary interventions may also include evidence‐based programs as well as specific anti‐bullying programs. Services are based on the inpidual needs of each student and may be provided by way of consultation, in-class, small group or one‐on‐one formats. Services are provided by school psychologists, school counselors and therapeutic mental health counselors. Consultation with outside providers is also often a key component.

Please do not hesitate to contact members of the clinical team with any questions or concerns you may have.

2019-2020 LPS Clinical Team

Chris Christy - School Counselor

Danya Sclar - School Psychologist 

Evan Oberle-Hall - School Psychologist

Jan Nolan - School Counselor

Justine Mathurin - School Counselor

Maureen McMahon - School Psychologist 

John Moran - Consulting Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Nancy Taylor - Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Rachel Leighton - School Counselor

Sarah Dorfman - School Adjustment Counselor

Shane Nardi-Williams - Therapeutic Mental Health Counselor

Tracy Turner - School Adjustment Counselor