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Dr. John M. Harrington

phone: 978-952-2555
email: jharrington@littletonps.org
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Dr John Harrington

LHS Mission Statement

The closely-knit community of Littleton High School is dedicated to maximizing the intellectual,
social, physical, and emotional growth of all its students. In our pursuit of educational
excellence, we maintain a safe environment where all students feel valued, respect themselves,
develop a caring and compassionate attitude, use their minds effectively in learning and
decision-making, and understand and appreciate the diversity and interdependence of all people.
We believe that, provided the opportunity, every student, with effort, can and will meet high
standards of achievement. To that end, students, teachers, administrators, support personnel,
parents, and the community work in partnership to help students to become life-long learners and
self-reliant, responsible, productive citizens in a constantly changing world.