LPS Vision Statement and Goals

Vision Statement:

The Littleton Public School System is known for the strong promotion of learning and high academic standards, the ability to challenge all students, and the capacity for each student to achieve their potential. We prepare our students for lifelong learning and enable them to become contributing citizens of the world in the 21st century.

We are committed to continuous improvement of student achievement. Our school programs are diverse and challenging. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators have a clear set of standards regarding what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. Parents, teachers, and administrators have a common understanding of effective instructional practices that are used in the classroom. Instruction is provided in a way which encourages exploration and critical thinking, and enables all students to achieve. Each individual student's needs are met at each grade level, while taking into consideration that cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development varies.

We foster and nurture the love of learning. The culture and climate within the learning community honors diversity, and models respect, responsibility, integrity, and accountability. We recognize that we convey these values by the ways in which we develop a school atmosphere, maintain school facilities, establish expectations for student achievement, and present learning experiences to our students.

Our staff feels valued, supported, and encouraged to grow. A spirit of collegiality permeates the school system. Teachers and administrators use data to assess and improve their own skills and effectiveness. We provide teachers the tools, support, and resources to be successful. New educational ideas and teaching practices are brought to the school system through joint planning, collaboration, and professional development.

The community is an active and contributing partner that fully supports our schools. This is evident not only through financial support, but by active parent and community involvement in the classrooms and other efforts. There is frequent communication between our schools and the community regarding opportunities, accomplishments, and progress on educational goals. This partnership of students, teachers, support staff, administrators, and the community, excelling at what they do and acting with strong conviction and deep commitment, brings about quality education in Littleton.

The vision is the guiding statement which the Littleton School System uses as the basis for all strategic planning, policy, and budget decisions.


In order to achieve our mission the Littleton Public Schools shall,

  • Create and implement a challenging and comprehensive Pre K-12 curriculum that meets the needs of all students and is consistent across grade levels.

  • Recruit and retain effective school personnel who continually improve their practice through professional development which is aligned to district and individual needs, in an environment that supports best practice, collegiality and collaboration.

  • Develop a comprehensive, on-going, data-driven assessment program for curriculum, instruction, and programs, measured through multiple forms of student achievement outcomes.

  • Build support for the schools through effective communication and community participation that will develop trust and lead to a common understanding of the educational needs of the district.

  • Inspire energy and excitement in a respectful, responsive, and creative culture where everyone feels safe taking risks, within a diverse program, to challenge themselves in pursuit of teaching and learning goals.