Author: Robert Cormier

Title: Heroes

Plot Summary: This well written book by Robert Cormier is about a 14 year old boy that goes to war and loses some of his face. The book may be a little confusing because there are so many flashbacks. The young man also has a mission and that is to kill his childhood hero. This is a great book and anyone would enjoy reading it.

Review: The main character of this book is Francis Cassavant and he is a pretty realistic character because he has many young adult problems like anger and frustration. Another character is Nicole Rennard was a well-rounded character because she changes her attitude toward Francis quite a few times during the book. Larry LaSalle is another character and is a very sly and tricky person. Everyone thought that he was the greatest person to ever live, but one night he breaks his trust between Francis, Nicole, and himself. I thought that Francis was a positive character because he trys to change himself. I think that Nicole is a negative character because she blames her problems on Francis. Larry was a negative character because he lied to everyone about himself.

The universal theme of this story is that you don't need to do things that will affect your life forever to solve a problem. Robert Cormier says that there are ways to solve your problems by talking them out and getting the entire story straight. He was very successful in relaying the message but was a little hard to get at first.

The author of this book writes incredibly well and uses the first person point of view to tell this great story. The way that he puts it into first person allow you to understand the story. He does,however, use flashbacks that make the story a little confusing.

Interest Level: Grade 4

Genre: Miscellaneous

Quality: 5Q Popularity: 4P

(On a scale of one to five with five being the best.)

Reviewed by: Jason D.

Grade: 8

Date Reviewed: 12/16/98

School:Littleton Jr/Sr High School

City, State, Country:Littleton, Massachusetts. USA

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