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Dr. Geri Lyn Ajemian

Director of Curriculum
Phone: 978-540-2505

Bettina Corrow

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Curriculum
phone: 978-540-2505
For more information, Please contact the Littleton Public Schools Curriculum Office.

Links to Accountability

Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System

DESE Links for MCAS

The Growth Model – Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs)

  • Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) complement the MCAS year-by-year test scores. They measure change in achievement over time rather than grade-level achievement results in any one year. Growth scores are available for schools, districts, and students taking the standard MCAS test in grades 4-8 and 10 in English language arts and mathematics.

  • Each student’s rate of change is compared to other students with a similar test score history (“academic peers”).  Consequently, SGPs provide a way to measure growth at all performance levels.

DESE Links for The Growth Model

Parent Report